Security activities can be monitored from ANYWHERE and ANYTIME
All activities can be reported EASILY and FAST
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Manage and control security activity in REALTIME

About Digigarda

Digigarda applies the latest software technologies to the creation of a digital ecosystem for the security industry. Our platform addresses many of the challenges faced by security companies and end customers in managing their deployed workforce of security guards.

Digigarda sees the potential for a digital ecosystem to become the backbone of security activities of the entire industry, and we aim to become the standard for the security services industry. With our extensive knowledge of the Indonesian security industry, we are able to identify problems and easily map technological solutions to solve them. We are breaking down the barriers to technology adoption and changing the paradigm that technology requires a large investment or is difficult to implement.

Digigarda is here as a partner in security activities to answer future challenges, so that we can grow and develop together for the advancement of the security industry in Indonesia.

Workforce Management Platform

Our Orbit Workforce Management Platform makes it easy to monitor, control and foster security activities in real-time anywhere and anytime.

Security members find it easier to submit activity reports. Reports are updated in real-time and can be accessed at any time. There is therefore no need to consolidate reporting at the end of the shift as this is taken care of automatically by the Orbit Platform.

Real Time Reporting & Monitoring

Illustration of security members patrolling a customer site

Illustration with vehicles for large work areas or multiple site patrols

Illustration of the application for cash in transit


Mobile Application

You can find Digigarda mobile application on

Concerns About Spreading


The Orbit Workforce Management Platform can help reduce the potential spread of COVID-19. Each security member on duty uses their own smart phone device. Therefore, the exchange and use of shared work equipment can be minimized. The implementation of 5M remains a priority for prevention.

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/Security Guard
Rp. 25
  • No additional setup/configuration fees
  • Billing according to the number of security members
  • No additional storage costs
  • Free development of new features and functions


Ease of adding security members, define work patterns, locations and characteristics of security activities. Adjustments can be made according to need, so as to shorten the process and configuration time. It is also possible to map the company’s geographic structure through a tiered representation.

Management can easily see every activity of members in the field, which simplifies the function of supervision and control

The platform does not limit the number of checkpoints that can be created for each security activity location, and this helps maximize the functionality of the security activity. In addition, the security member’s tasks at each checkpoint can be adjusted to comply with the customer’s requirements.

Each administrator can be given permission to access the dashboard according to their organizational authority. We do not limit the number of admins that can be registered on the system.

The dashboard presents real-time key performance indicators of the security operation, and this can be access at any time. Data such as timesheets, reports and photo evidence of activities can also be produced and downloaded as needed.